Original acrylic dog silhouette, paw-painted by Joe the rescue dog.


Ahhh the classic head tilt. Isn't it just the cutest pose of all?

Often used by dogs to exploit their humans into handing over the treats, the toys or some good lovings, the head tilt is every dogs ace up their sleeve. Joe selected oranges, pinks and yellows to combine the energy and happiness seen in all dogs. Orange, being the colour of fascination, joy, enthusiasm and determination expresses exactly what head tilts are for.


This artwork is also the third painting in Joe's self portrait series. He won't admit it, but he is every bit as gentle as his painting appears dispite his size.


There is only one copy of "Questions Anyone?" available for purchase, making this artwork an instant heirloom.

Painting - Questions Anyone?

  • 12" x 16"


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    Artwork is UNFRAMED

  • This painting is produced using Acrylic paint on Canvas Board.

    Canvas Board width is approximately 5mm.

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