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Who are We?

A bit about us...

Joe is a rescue dog who spreads his joy through his artworks. He paints his art with his paws and always enjoys snacking on treats while letting his creativity run wild.

Yes, you heard correct... he paints each artwork with his paws! 

Steph, the other half of the crew, began painting when she was 2 years old.

She specialises in using acrylic paint and enjoys painting outdoors.

She is the brains behind our apparel and is the primary treat giver that fuels Joe's creativity.

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How We Started

Seeking inspiration from the world around us, and Steph's love for art, Steph and Joe Art Co. was born.

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Desire to be Different

As an artist, there is always a desire to be different from the rest.

This sparked the idea to explore Joe's creative talent...and boy is he talented!

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Branching Out

Joe's flawless sense of style and his "coolest dog on the block" attitude paved the way for his apparel line.

Each item is created with the utmost care, and is given Joe's seal of approval before it's released.

This ensures he can spread some of his "cool" to all the cats and dogs of the neighbourhood.

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Steph and Joe Art Co. want you to be able to own something truely special. And what's more special than a portrait of your beloved pet painted by our very own handsome pooch Joe. 

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